Discover Jordan: Top 20 Tourist Attractions and Historical Sites for Unforgettable Adventures

Discover Jordan: Top 20 Tourist Attractions and Historical Sites for Unforgettable Adventures
Discover Jordan: Top 20 Tourist Attractions and Historical Sites for Unforgettable Adventures

Discover Jordan: Top 20 Tourist Attractions and Historical Sites for Unforgettable Adventures. Jordan is a rich historical and cultural country that attracts travelers with its enchanting mix of ancient ruins, natural wonders and vibrant cities. From the iconic rock-carved city of Petra to the therapeutic waters of the Dead Sea, Jordan offers a tapestry of experiences for adventurers and history enthusiasts alike. Let’s embark on a journey through the captivating tourist attractions and historical sites that make Jordan a truly unforgettable destination.

1. Petra: The Jewel of Jordan

Petra: Jordan

Venture into the mystical realm of Petra, often hailed as the crown jewel of Jordan. Carved into rose-red cliffs by the Nabataeans over two millennia ago. So, this UNESCO World Heritage site mesmerizes visitors with its intricate architecture and rich history. As you pass through the narrow Siq, a towering gorge that serves as the entrance to Petra, prepare to be awestruck by the imposing facade of the Treasury. Explore the ancient city’s countless tombs, temples and amphitheaters, each echoing tales of a bygone era. For an unforgettable experience, hike up to the Monastery or journey to the High Place of Sacrifice for panoramic views of this archaeological marvel.

Wadi Musa, Ma’an Governorate, Jordan

Wadi Musa, Ma'an Governorate, Jordan

is a town in southern Jordan, in the Ma’an Governorate. It serves as the Petra Department’s headquarters. Approximately two kilometers from the town is the significant B’doul settlement of Umm Seyhoun, which was established following the community’s forcible relocation in 1985. The town is home to numerous hotels and restaurants catering to tourists.

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2. The Dead Sea: A Natural Wonder

The Dead Sea

Experience the surreal sensation of floating effortlessly in the buoyant waters of the Dead Sea, the lowest point on Earth. Renowned for its high salt content and mineral-rich mud, the Dead Sea offers therapeutic benefits for both body and soul. Indulge in a mud bath or simply recline on the sea’s shores, soaking in the rejuvenating properties of its waters. So, don’t miss the opportunity to capture stunning photos as the sun sets over the tranquil expanse of the Dead Sea, casting shades of orange and pink across the horizon.

3. Jerash: Uncovering Ancient Roman Ruins

Jerash Ancient Roman Ruins

Step back in time as you explore the remarkably preserved ruins of Jerash. This was once a thriving city in the heart of the Roman Empire. Wander through the colonnaded streets of this archaeological gem, marveling at the grandeur of its temples, theaters, and agora. Be transported to the days of antiquity as you witness reenactments of Roman chariot races and gladiatorial combat against the backdrop of Jerash’s ancient monuments. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Jerash Festival. An annual celebration of music, dance and culture that pays tribute to the city’s illustrious past.

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4. Wadi Rum: Exploring the Desert Landscape

Wadi Rum: Exploring the Desert Landscape

Embark on a desert adventure in Wadi Rum, a timeless landscape of towering sandstone cliffs and sweeping dunes. Discover the rugged beauty of this UNESCO-protected desert as you traverse its vast expanse on a 4×4 safari or camel trek. For example, spend a night under the starlit sky at a Bedouin camp, where traditional hospitality and hearty meals await. Wake up to the ethereal silence of the desert dawn and embark on a hot air balloon ride for a bird’s-eye view of Wadi Rum’s otherworldly terrain.

5. Amman: A Blend of History and Modernity

5. Amman: A Blend of History and Modernity

Experience the vibrant energy of Jordan’s capital city, Amman, where ancient history meets contemporary culture. For example, explore the Citadel, a historic site atop Jebel Al-Qala’a. And marvel at the ruins of ancient civilizations dating back thousands of years. Wander through the bustling streets of downtown Amman, where lively markets, cafes, and art galleries abound. So, sample authentic Jordanian cuisine at local eateries or indulge in international fare at upscale restaurants overlooking the city skyline.

Amman Citadel Jebel Al-Qala'a

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6. Aqaba: Diving into Underwater Treasures

Dive into the crystal-clear waters of Aqaba, Jordan’s coastal gem nestled on the shores of the Red Sea. Explore a vivid underwater environment that is filled with unique marine life and coral reefs. Whether you’re an experienced diver or a novice snorkeler, Aqaba offers unparalleled opportunities for underwater exploration. Explore iconic dive sites such as the Japanese Garden and Cedar Pride wreck. Or simply bask in the sun on Aqaba’s pristine beaches.

7. Umm Qais: Tracing Ancient Civilizations

West Theatre of Umm Qais

Journey to Umm Qais, a lesser-known archaeological site that offers a glimpse into Jordan’s rich history. Discover the ancient ruins of Gadara, a Greco-Roman city with stunning views of the Sea of Galilee and the Golan Heights.  Admire magnificently maintained buildings that testify to the city’s past grandeur, such as the Nymphaeum, Amphitheater, and Basilica. Enjoy expansive views of the vineyards and olive orchards that dot the surrounding countryside while you lose yourself in the peace and quiet of this fascinating archaeological site.

8. Ma’in Hot Springs: Relaxation in Nature’s Spa

Ma'in Hot Springs

Indulge in a pampering retreat at Ma’in Hot Springs, nestled amidst Jordan’s rugged landscapes. Soak in the therapeutic waters of these natural springs, which are renowned for their healing properties and mineral-rich composition. Relax your muscles and soothe your senses as you immerse yourself in the warm embrace of nature’s spa. Whether you prefer cascading waterfalls or secluded pools, Ma’in Hot Springs offers a sanctuary of serenity amid Jordan’s picturesque scenery.

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9. Dana Biosphere Reserve: Immersing in Natural Beauty

Dana Biosphere Reserve

Discover the pristine wilderness of Dana Biosphere Reserve, Jordan’s largest nature reserve and a haven for biodiversity. Trek through rugged canyons and verdant valleys, encountering rare wildlife species such as the Nubian ibex and Syrian serin. Embark on guided nature walks led by local Bedouin guides, who offer insights into the region’s ecological significance and cultural heritage. Experience traditional Bedouin hospitality at eco-friendly lodges. Nestled within the reserve, where sustainable tourism practices ensure minimal impact on the environment.

10. Kerak Castle: Witnessing Medieval Fortifications

Kerak Castle

Explore the medieval fortress of Kerak Castle, a towering citadel that has stood sentinel over Jordan’s ancient trade routes for centuries. Built by the Crusaders in the 12th century, Kerak Castle boasts imposing walls, secret passageways, and panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. Discover the castle’s rich history while walking through its maze-like corridors and rooms. Picturing the battles of knights and crusaders that resounded in its walls long ago. So, gain insight into the region’s medieval history through interactive exhibits and multimedia presentations that bring the castle’s tumultuous history to life.

11. Mount Nebo: Biblical Landmarks and Panoramic Views

Mount Nebo

Ascend to the summit of Mount Nebo, where Moses is said to have beheld the Promised Land before his passing. Gaze out upon the sweeping vistas of the Jordan Valley, the Dead Sea, and the distant hills of Jerusalem, as the biblical narratives come to life before your eyes. Explore the ancient mosaics of the Memorial Church of Moses. Which depict scenes from the Old Testament and pay homage to this sacred site’s religious significance. Reflect on the timeless legacy of faith and pilgrimage that Mount Nebo represents, as you stand atop this hallowed mountaintop.

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12. Shobak Castle: Exploring Crusader Fortresses

Shobak Castle

Uncover the secrets of Shobak Castle, a formidable fortress built by the Crusaders in the 12th century. Perched atop a rocky hilltop overlooking the desert plains, Shobak Castle commands attention with its imposing walls and strategic location. Discover the hidden tunnels, rooms, and water storage areas beneath the castle, which were once used as a safe haven for Crusader knights during sieges. So, gain insight into the castle’s tumultuous history through informative displays and archaeological exhibits that shed light on its role in the Crusades.

13. Qasr Al-Kharrana: An Architectural Marvel

Qasr Al-Kharranah

Marvel at the architectural splendor of Qasr Al-Kharranah, one of Jordan’s finest examples of Umayyad desert castles. Dating back to the early 8th century, this desert fortress served as a caravanserai and agricultural estate along the ancient trade routes. Marvel at the beautifully carved stonework and decorative designs that embellish the castle’s front, showcasing the skill of its creators. For example, enter the castle’s beautifully preserved halls and courtyards to get a look into Umayyad culture and daily life.  Discover the nearby desert scenery, where the remains of old settlements and farming terraces. This offer a glimpse into Jordan’s prosperous agricultural history.

14. Ajloun Castle: A Medieval Fortress in Northern Jordan

Ajloun Castle

Explore the imposing Ajloun Castle, a 12th-century fortress built by the Ayyubid ruler Salah ad-Din to defend against Crusader invasions. For example, explore the castle’s towers, rooms, and hidden tunnels for breathtaking views of the countryside. Learn about the castle’s strategic significance and its role in shaping Jordan’s medieval history through informative exhibits and archaeological displays.

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15. Al-Karak: Exploring the Crusader Stronghold


Journey to the ancient city of Al-Karak, home to the impressive Karak Castle, one of the largest crusader castles in the Levant. For example, explore the halls, dungeons and maze-like walls of the castle, which tell stories of battles and victories throughout the ages. Uncover the fascinating past of the city as you visit its ancient sites, Ottoman-style buildings, and vibrant markets.

16. Madaba: The City of Mosaics


Visit the ancient city of Madaba, which is well-known for its magnificent Byzantine and Umayyad mosaics. Its include the well-known Madaba Map, which beautifully illustrates the Holy Land. So, explore the ancient churches and archaeological sites of Madaba, which offer insights into Jordan’s early Christian heritage. Discover the skillful work of mosaic artisans in various workshops across the city. Learn about their methods and acquire understanding of how these amazing pieces of art were made.

17. Qasr Amra: A Desert Oasis of Umayyad Art

Qasr Amra, Jordan

Discover the desert oasis of Qasr Amra, a UNESCO World Heritage site renowned for its exquisite frescoes and architectural splendor. Explore this 8th-century Umayyad palace, which was originally a retreat for nobles and caliphs, and its elaborately designed bathhouse and reception hall. Marvel at the vivid depictions of hunting scenes, mythical creatures, and celestial bodies that adorn the palace walls. This offering a glimpse into the cultural and artistic sophistication of the Umayyad dynasty.

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18. Umm Ar-Rasas: Tracing Ancient Trade Routes

Umm Ar-Rasas

Journey to Umm Ar-Rasas, an archaeological site that was once a bustling caravan stop along the ancient trade routes linking Arabia, Egypt, and the Levant. Discover Jordan’s early Islamic and Byzantine histories by touring the well-preserved ruins of old churches, monasteries, and watchtowers. So, admire the intricate mosaic floors of the Church of St. Stephen and the Church of the Lions, which are among the finest examples of Byzantine mosaic art in the region.

19. Shoubak: Exploring Crusader Heritage


Explore the medieval ruins of Shoubak, a historic town that was once home to the Crusader fortress of Montreal. Climb to the top of the fortress walls for panoramic views of the surrounding countryside, including the Dana Biosphere Reserve and the Wadi Araba desert. So, Learn about the castle’s tumultuous past and its involvement in the Crusades while you stroll through its deteriorating towers, courtyards, and underground tunnels.

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20. Wadi Mujib: Hiking in Jordan’s Grand Canyon

Wadi Mujib

Embark on an adventure in Wadi Mujib, Jordan’s spectacular canyon nature reserve known as the “Grand Canyon of Jordan.” Navigate through narrow gorges, cascading waterfalls, and natural pools as you hike along the Siq Trail, one of the reserve’s most popular routes. Marvel at the diverse flora and fauna of Wadi Mujib, which is home to endangered species such as the Nubian ibex and the Syrian wolf.

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Conclusion: Jordan’s Timeless Appeal

In conclusion, Jordan’s wealth of tourist attractions and historical sites offers a captivating journey through the annals of human history and natural beauty. Whether you’re exploring the ancient city of Petra, floating in the Dead Sea’s buoyant waters, or trekking through the desert landscapes of Wadi Rum, Jordan’s allure is undeniable. Immerse yourself in Jordan’s rich cultural heritage and legacy to uncover a land of enduring charm and boundless interest.


Q1: Is Jordan safe for tourists to visit?
A1: Yes, Jordan is considered one of the safest countries in the Middle East, with a welcoming and hospitable population.

Q2: Which season is ideal for traveling to Jordan?
A2: March through May in the spring and September through November in the fall offer moderate temperatures ideal for outdoor activities, making these seasons the greatest times to visit Jordan.

Q3: What should I wear when visiting religious sites in Jordan?
A3: It’s advisable to dress modestly when visiting religious sites in Jordan, covering shoulders and knees out of respect for local customs and traditions.

Q4: Are there any specific cultural customs I should be aware of when visiting Jordan?
A4: Visitors to Jordan should be mindful of Islamic customs and traditions, such as avoiding public displays of affection and refraining from drinking alcohol in public places.

Q5: Does entering Jordan require a visa?
A5: Most nationalities require a visa to enter Jordan, which can be obtained upon arrival at the airport or purchased online in advance.